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Because sunless tanning only affects the top most layer of the skin, it is best if skin is freshly exfoliated and moisturized prior to your sunless session. Applying sunless solution to skin that is dry or flaky can cause: results to be less natural; uneven fading; shorten the life of the sunless tan and the possibility of experiencing "spotty" looking results after a day or two. The following preparations are strongly recommended to ensure flawless results from your Glowing Bronze airbrush tanning session:

Exfoliate your skin prior to spray tanning
Shave before your spray tan


• Shower - try to avoid using Dove, Oil of Olay as they tend to have a higher pH level.  Also avoid in-shower oil based moisturizers as these things can affect the reaction of the solution with skin and can also cause the "orange effect"

• Shave - using ONLY Soap and Water - NO Shaving Cream as the oils can affect the penetration of the solution through skin

• Exfoliate Entire Body - pay special attention to areas with dry skin

• Do NOT Moisturize Skin - lotions can create a barrier, preventing the absorption of the sunless solution

• Use deodorant sparingly

• Do NOT Apply Makeup if you wish to have color on your face

• Do NOT apply any perfumes or colognes

*Always avoid heavily fragranced products and products with oils prior to your session (body washes, etc.)

Waxing and hair removal should be done 3-4 day prior to spray tanning
It is best to have a manicure or pedicure 24 hours prior to your spray tan.


• Waxing and Other Hair Removal - needs to be done BEFORE your sunless session; waxing needs to be done AT LEAST 1-2 days prior to your appt.

• Manicures/Pedicures - needs to be done 12-24 hours BEFORE or wait at least 24 hours AFTER your session before getting one

• Hair Cuts and Colors - need to be done at least 24 hours BEFORE your session

*NOTE: Please follow these recommended guidelines to ensure your sunless tan will not get damaged or discolored
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